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Ooooh I think I know this, Sidney! Is this the Salubong? It's what happens after the Holy Week when Jesus resurrects and meets Mother Mary. There is a procession for Jesus and Mother Mary and when they meet at the church, the angel comes down and crowns Jesus.

Have a fun vacation, Sidney! For reasons unbeknownst me, your site is sometimes offline. It's good to be back here again.


wow, so ornate and colourful!

the girl with wings is adorable :-)


Such magnificent and colorful pictures. Many people must have worked hard to come up with such great props.


In Naga, our Salubong "stage" would be a permanently built tower, not a makeshift one, beside the parish church. The "banana heart" you mention is a portal to the heavens. We don't have that part with the roosters though.


A very colourful celebration. Nice shots!

Ashish Sidapara

Full of color, superb series!


Interesting story, great colors!


colorful pageantry, just looking at the pictures I would not have realized this was a Christian ritual


they sure know how to make a grand welcome! i like the colors very much. fantastic set nce again.


i have not yet seen a "salubong" as elaborate as this one.

btw Sidney, i am now blogging at

have a great day!

Kheoh Yee Wei

I remember i burnt one like those when i was a kid :D

Wim van der Meij

Wonderful colours! You again dug up some magical things. It looks like there are always festivities going on in the Philipines.

navin harish

Great shots. I really like the colours.


Very colorful shots; beautiful!



a tremendously colourful, joyous series of shots!


wow so colorful! and a child is dangled inside? wow..


now this is something that I haven't seen before :)


it seems nowadays there is less pomp in the ceremonies, at least in our church. times are changing, i guess.

great pictures, i like the colors!


I remember when I was a little girl, I used to be the angel in the salubong and I was terrified hanging up there. :) The Angono salubong is very beautiful and colorful Sydney.

Photo cache

they have it elaborately. i remember back home, we had it the simplest way possible. well probably the times call for more sophisticated production. really wonderful series.


Incredible colorful!

Thank you for one more wonderful set!


i didn't know about those roosters until now. hehehehe. but i had been part of a salubong before as an angel. hehehe ;p


So bright and colourful : lovely !


In my town, we had see this happen at 4am! After the show, we eat suman and drink tea :-)

Otto K.

What is the significance of the roosters to easter?

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